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You search a lot while coding. Asking Google. Reading documentation. StackOverflow. Looking through old repos. You often check the same thing again and again. Stop.
Just Vsnipp it and have your stuff in one place.
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Adapter Pattern - Swift


👆 Meet your Vsnipp snippet

It's quick to add. It might come in any language. It formats the right way. You can tag it and describe it. And you find the one you need with only few words.

You gather a lot of knowledge throught your carreer. Don't let it slip away. Gather your code and practices in one place. Every language you work with, every framework you use, every boilerplate you write is just within your reach.


Web Based
All your snippets in the cloud wherever you are. On every platform and every device. No matter if you need reminder before the interview or brag about it.


Developer Centered
Built for developers by developers. Over 120 programming languages support, advanced formatting settings, quick copying and much more.


Instant Access
With tagging support, full text search, markdown descriptions you can quickly get the knowledge you need without distraction and interruption.

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Over 120 programming languages support, with syntax highlighing and context based indentation for each one.
Spaces or tabs? We've got you covered. Choose indentation options and size so your code is formatted the way you want.
Each snippet is tagged so they are nicely sorted and easly searchable.
Advanced search
Just write whatever your remember about snippet and our search engine will find what you need.
Team collaboration
Create team to collaborate and share code with your teammates. Have all your collective knowledge in one place.
Feedback and support
We listen to your feedback. Just write an email to jeremi@harderchoices.com if you would like particular feature, fix. Or just to talk.
Share snippet links securely.
Github (coming soon)
Log in through your Github account and add your gists as snippets to
Snippet lists (coming soon)
Create lists with snippets. Make your own documentation and flow. Easly implement features, remind old knowledge or start new projects.